Writing, translating, or editing

Are you a passionate and creative writer? Do you enjoy editing text? Are you interested in using your multilingual skills to translate our content to Spanish and/or Portuguese? By becoming an writing volunteer, you could help us by:

-Creating honorees posters that accompany our yearly Hispanic Month Calendar
-Writing guest posts for our upcoming blog on topics at the intersection of mathematics, Latinidad, education, among others.
-Translating our content (posters and honorees profiles) to make our website accessible to non-English speakers.

Social Media Management

Do you enjoy turning stories and messages into powerful visuals and infographics? Or perhaps you love communicating through videos or social media?

If yes, you are welcome to join our pool of social media volunteers and help us spread our content through platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. By becoming an social media volunteer, you could help us by:

-Managing one or more of our social media accounts 
-Sharing information about upcoming events that are relevant to our community (including our events!).
-Coordinating/creating content and stories for use on social media and on-line/digital platforms.

General Volunteering

Unsure about whether you fit in any of the above categories but still want to volunteer? Don’t worry, we will surely find something for you!