Alex Christensen

Graduate Student
University of Arizona


Alex has always had a love for learning and a knack for numbers, logic, and problem solving. As an undergraduate, she explored many fields of study but always knew that mathematics would be a part of her degree. In the summer after her junior year, she was able to participate in an REU that catered to scientists in minority groups. This experience changed the trajectory of her life and career and the connections she made there are invaluable. She has been shaped by some incredible mentors, two of whom are leaders in the Latinx and Hispanic community, and they keep her passion and drive alive.

Alex is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Applied Mathematics at the University of Arizona. She loves how this field allows her to solve problems and learn new things in so many of her areas of interest. Her first research publication was in the field of combinatorics, where she was part of an amazing research team that started looking into variations of “Parking Function” sequences. Next, she was able to explore the field of sports science by working on various projects related to Division I softball rankings and health metrics from wearables in Division I football players. Currently, her specific project is looking at how diet impacts the metabolome of dogs and involves nutritional, health, and metabolomic data, predictive modeling, visualization as well as other data science techniques.

Throughout this time of research, Alex served as a mentor to undergraduates, especially young women in STEM, and hopes that her own experiences will inspire them to follow their dreams and understand the value of their contributions. She also does her best to build community as a leader of her school’s chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics, vice president of her club triathlon team, and active member of her church congregation. When Alex finishes school, she plans to work in industry and go into data science and/or project management where she can continue to positively influence teams, make connections, promote growth, and help her community.

“Hispanic Heritage Month is such a great opportunity for us to celebrate the culture and accomplishments of the Hispanic Americans in this country. I see it as a chance to bring this community to the forefront and recognize how their ideas have changed our day-to-day lives and pioneered the field of math and science. This month sparks conversation and fosters community, which is valuable for all of us.”