Gloria Hurtado

Math Teacher
Healdsburg Junior High School


Gloria received her BA in Math from Sonoma State University. After that she also got her teaching credential from Sonoma State. She began her teaching journey at Santa Rosa City schools and worked at Elsie Allen High School and then Santa Rosa Middle. She finally landed at Healdsburg Junior High. In the 2022-2023 school year, she will be working for the county as a teacher on loan assisting other teachers on lesson study and various professional developments.

Gloria is a first generation college student. She was nominated as teacher of the year in Santa Rosa in 2017. She was recognized as the teacher of the year at Healdsburg Junior High in 2021. Some of Gloria’s professional highlights include speaking at teacher conferences—especially regarding lesson study across California—and being a part of the Trellis community and Maker Math Movement.

Gloria's favorite thing about being an educator is being able to connect with her students. She comes from a family of immigrants and can relate to her students in ways other teachers cannot. This allows her to form special bonds with students. Gloria's advice for those wanting to work in K-12 education would be to be yourself, “Students appreciate it when you keep it real to them.”

Gloria believes that the mathematics community needs visionaries who truly believe that everyone is a mathematical learner. She is proud to be working with like-minded teachers who continue their journey in creating equitable teaching practices and doing radical things to promote all students as learners.

“Hispanic Heritage Month means a time to reflect about where we came from, where we are and where we are going.”