Johnny Guzman

Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Brown University


Johnny Guzmán is Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics at Brown University. His parents, with five of his siblings, were undocumented immigrants from Mexico in the mid 1970s and settled in Southern California. He feels fortunate to be raised in a large family (eight kids total) where love and support was abundant and where they valued their traditions and culture. Growing up in diverse communities (which included African-Americans, Latinos from different parts of the world, Samoans, Filipinos, Vietnamese, etc) was an enriching experience for him.

He truly loves mathematics and feels blessed to be able to get paid to learn new mathematics. His research area lies in the numerical approximation to solutions of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). In particular, he works on designing and analyzing finite element methods for various PDEs arising in fluid and solid mechanics. One recent interest is developing accurate methods for interface problems. In the future, he would like to look into problems arising in geometry.

"I wish I would have been enticed by math earlier in life. Indeed, I did not take math (or any subject in school for that matter) seriously until I attended college. Since then I have been hooked! My success is due in large part to the wonderful mentors that I have had in every single stage in my career, including as a professor. I have loved seeing the growth of our community, and love the support and community networks I have been part of. As we celebrate our advancement and successes, it is important that we remain critical and think of optimal strategies to increase our representation in the larger mathematical community."